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Ecosystem building
Master of the moment.

The mission is to empower communities and organizations to achieve sustainable and profitable impact & goals. By training and collaborating with leaders we engage in bottom-up project management utilizing technology and innovation in delivering on the social impact and community enterprise promise.

I am shaping a world where as we climb our own career ladder, we build stronger foundations for the next generation to step up and accomplish their dreams. 

“Action without thought is empty; thought without action is blind.”  Kwame Nkrumah

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Acting & Voice-over

Acting & Voice-over

Emmanuel Gamor Culture

Acting: a brief love-interest role of Sade’s in An African City 2016 award-winning television series. An African City Season 2 Episode 8: […]

AKADi Ghanaians Abroad

AKADi Ghanaians Abroad

Emmanuel Gamor News

AKADI Ghanaians Abroad: Meet our Ghanaian Abroad – Emmanuel Gamor – who moved to South Africa and is in the research phase of a […]

APRM Youth in Chad

APRM Youth in Chad

Emmanuel Gamor Economy, News

#APRMYouth Summit 1st edition hosted by African Peer Review Mechanism and hosted in hashtag#Chad 🇹🇩 and an excellent opportunity to advocate for […]

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In the next decade, Africa will feature a lot more globally aware and progressive young leaders
who demand more of their nation, communities and themselves, join us