Ecosystems are formed from interdependent actors and network institution communities engaged in productive activity. Building them means economic enablement, through innovation and the application of research, coupled with talent, actions, and implementation that lead to growth. My working theory is that we need to critically access what economic engagements are needed to positively accelerate local talent and catalyze innovation orchestrators.

Ecosystem Builder - Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor, VuuqaVuuqa Magazine feature: Ecosystem Builder circa June 2020

Twitter - Chirp Dev Accra Build Day - Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor

Twitter – Chirp Dev Accra Build Day – Stanbic/Standard Bank Incubator, Accra Ghana Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor @eagamor

Facebook Community Manager - Emmanuel Gamor

The Facebook Community Manager Certification awards candidates who demonstrate a foundational proficiency in community-building strategies.

Google - Youtube Teju Ajani, Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor

YouTube country manager, Google Ghana Office, YouTube Huddles for the creative content community launch in Accra, Ghana

Tech Connect 2021 - Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor

Host Tech Connect 2021 – Microsoft Meta /Facebook Amazon Netflix Google  Apple (MANGA & friends)- Accra Ghana, Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor | @eagamor

University of Stellenbosch Business School - Executive Education Facilitator, Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor

Africa Day 2022 celebrates Africa’s achievements whilst reflecting upon the challenges that the continent faces in a global environment. Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor discusses the metaverse.