KukuZa! Podcasters Festival
Amplify voices through podcasts #KukuZaFest

KukuZa! Podcasters Festival seeks to bring together black content creators, featuring African podcasters on the continent and beyond in a collaborative effort to support and amplify our individual and collective voices.

Podcasting has been an excellent way to foster empathetic listening from diverse voices. With the advent of iPods and now smart phones, a podcast is a voice and record button away from sharing our sentiments globally.

In starting the Unpacking Africa podcast, it became incredibly apparent that a community of knowledge share, support and amplification would go a long way to engaging with and guide future podcasters.

Our founder, Emmanuel A. Gamor is a Google Podcasters and PrX advisor, with more details here.

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We are collaborators at heart and amplify Africa podcasts with our friends at Africa Podfest check out the recent #AfricaMonth 2021: Celebrating Africa Podcasts Day:

E. A. Gamor is a consummate professional with over a decade experience in youth engagement; digital & managerial innovation; entrepreneurship and leadership education. He volunteers as a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow & philanthropist with the Rotary Club of Accra-Ring Road Central & Rotary Club of Johannesburg.