Photography & Art

Photography: during my senior year at the UF, in 2009, I took a photojournalism course with Professor Freeman and itake photos established 1985 was born.

As the Red Shutter, I created video campaigns for businesses and non-profits | more here.
As the Red Shutter, I joined team 1000 words as a partner & created video for businesses

About the photography book Year One: Samples from my first year as a photographer and the many adventures that came with it. This is why i take photos est. 1985.

itakephotos est. 1985 website | blog | IG

E. A. Gamor is a consummate professional with over a decade experience in youth engagement; digital & managerial innovation; entrepreneurship and leadership education. He volunteers as a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow & philanthropist with the Rotary Club of Accra-Ring Road Central & Rotary Club of Johannesburg.