Moziak: Men Take A Stand

“As men, we need to learn to step up in supporting the equal rights and privileges of our women; and step down in letting them lead in a more inclusive, responsive, and equitable world.” Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor

South Africa experienced one of its most somber Women’s Day in its history and the month continues to be plagued with incidences of GBV. Moziak Magazine is bringing men to task.

What are men doing about this man-made crisis? 

While several men have made their voices heard in a bid to show allyship in the fight against gender-based-violence, our gender has been largely silent on the most pressing issues in the country. Too often men have been silent, and thereby complicit in the face of abuse. While other times we have perpetuated negative behaviours through our own choices, actions and language. 

Women’s Month is not a month for men to take centre stage, but there are opportunities for men to make it clear which side of the fight they stand on. This year, Moziak Magazine recruited men from across the country who have taken the stand against Gender-based violence. 

At a time when it’s easy to perform and or for empty words to overshadow lasting actions, these men are making it clear which side of this battle they stand for. They have made the pledge to work towards correcting toxic traits in the male community. 

For this heavy-hitting feature we asked our group of male personalities to answer four candid questions about men’s role in the fight against GBV but it’s important to note that the conversation won’t end with this feature. 

Moziak Africa – Men Taking A Stand #EnoughIsEnough

We will be hosting a panel discussion with a group of men and women from across various industries in South Africa for a constructive discussion around the roles men need to play in ending abuse and violence against women…

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E. A. Gamor is a consummate professional with over a decade experience in youth engagement; digital & managerial innovation; entrepreneurship and leadership education. He volunteers as a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow & philanthropist with the Rotary Club of Accra-Ring Road Central & Rotary Club of Johannesburg.