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Newzroom Afrika: African Union Passports’ roll out in 2020

Emmanuel Gamor, president of Unpacking Africa’s Industry 4.0 was in studio to chat about the 4IR in Africa. Emmanuel expresses insights on the proposed continental common passport is set to roll out in 2020.

in-studio interview: Newzroom Afrika

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The Agenda 2063 flagship project The African Passport and Free Movement of People aims to remove restrictions on Africans ability to travel, work and live within their own continent. The initiative aims at transforming Africa’s laws, which remain generally restrictive on movement of people despite political commitments to bring down borders with the view to promoting the issuance of visas by Member States to enhance free movement of all African citizens in all African countries.

E. A. Gamor is a consummate professional with over a decade experience in youth engagement; digital & managerial innovation; entrepreneurship and leadership education. He volunteers as a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow & philanthropist with the Rotary Club of Accra-Ring Road Central & Rotary Club of Johannesburg.